What are we waiting for?

A quick glance at the news and social media really stirs the pot for me.   So what’s cooking?

Are things going the way we want?

Would you like to see change?

What kind of change would you like to see?

There is the part of me that wonders – Have we handed the very future of our world to the vanquishers, who will dismantle what is left of our precious planet – which of course means you and I as well? 

My posts over the next 30 days are not intended as a dive “down into the rabbit hole of despair”, but rather as a call for us to elevate and awaken. A call to action.

I can no longer continue to stay silent and conform. We, as a society, can no longer get by on wishful thinking, positive affirmations and mindfulness alone.  We (collectively) must begin to peel away the painful skin of ignorance and break the sweat of work to change our trajectory.

In the coming days, I will be interviewing people from around my sphere of influence, sharing their views on the world around them; what do they see and how they would like to affect change.  I will give examples of how I hope to begin to unravel this situation for myself, with the goal of inspiring others to shift.

December will be about 30 days of change.  I hope you’ll join me.



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I started this blog to sharing my experiences of the life. I invite you to join me.

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