The Power of Will and Heart

I have asked the question – what are we waiting for – in reference to what I believe to be the importance of taking action in our lives. One particular event has been present for me over the past few weeks.

I am referring to Standing Rock, North Dakota – a place where a group of dedicated people took action in the face of adversity and danger – sending a powerful message to the rest of the world.  The first peoples of the Lakota Nation were determined to protect their land and heritage, regardless of the potential outcomes: jail, injury and failure.  They (and supporters from all walks of life) demonstrated the importance of will and heart in their actions.  They were determined and resolute.

So, what are we waiting for? 

What would we like to see different in our world?

I have begun the conversation about action with several individuals which I will write about in the coming days. We will discuss ways in which we all can be apart of the coming shift in consciousness, in an active, non-violent, engaged way.

I hope you’ll tune in.




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