What can you hold?  Not physically, but emotionally and from a place of the higher self. Can you keep your life processes moving forward (i.e. work, relationships, exercise, etc.)?  Or do you find that things always seem to fall apart after awhile?

In the book A Language for Mapping Consciousness, the term structure refers to  “one of the foundations of will“. Like the foundation of a house, our structure allows us to create and support our process in life. With a strong structure above, we can get things done. We can help others without diminishing ourselves.

How do you build structure?

Through work; deep work on the self.  A process which includes daily meditation, inner awareness, emotional clearing and the intention to develop will power.   Building structure is an active process that demands patience and discipline.

Where do I start?

The best way to better learn about your structure is through a daily practice of inner exploration.  I am of course primarily taking about meditation.  Meditation is a powerful tool in the development of inner alchemy.  Meditation grounds us.  In a space of inner quiet, we can better access and understand who we truly are.  Meditation creates a foundation and this, in turn, helps to build structure.

What aspects of your life would you like to see improve?  Where are you holding yourself back?  By building structure, you can begin to address these types of personal life questions.  You can begin to reshape how you see yourself.  It takes practice and dedication.  But with the work, comes the successes.  You’ll find yourself getting what you want and need in your life.  Building structure is a labor of self love.


A Language for Mapping Consciousness

Yoga Research Site





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