The Simple Things

Photo by Nate Tilley

OK, so I have been talking a great deal about taking action in your life and world around you. I’m clearly trying to get people motivated to be “in the world” and not just casual observers of it all.

Well today I’m writing from a different space.  I’m writing about how to slow things down. This post is not about action, but rather, about being aware of or being in the still space in between action.  This is an awareness exercise.

So how does this go?  Here are a few exercises I do to slow down and build awareness. (note: no thinking, just feeling)

Sitting with a an aromatic cup of coffee – fair trade, freshly ground, poured over with intention and care.

Stopping on my morning walk or run and simply look around.  Noticing everything around me.

Watching sunlight pour through a window or glass door – feeling the warm sunlight and what activates in my experience.

Reading a poem and letting the words sink in…slowly.

Watching my breath in meditation, noticing the space between inhalation and exhalation.

The list of possibilities is endless.

Taking the time to notice the simple things is an act of intention.  When we move through our lives with intention and awareness, we grow our appreciation for the very life we live.  Nothing becomes irrelevant.  All things are apart of the wonder.

So take a moment and enjoy what’s there.


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