Slowing down

I’m slowing down the tune
I never liked it fast
You want to get there soon
I want to get there last

…Leonard Cohen


The creation of anything worthwhile takes time, a concept many of us in business (and life) seem to forget. If we want to have long-term success, then we need to learn to slow down.  Taking the time to slowly build a project or a relationship that will last the test of time.

As I begin my process of building another business, I am reminded of how difficult slowing down can be.  We want to keep things moving – momentum happening – so not too fall behind or loose out.  We often run before we walk.  Ultimately, this leads to breakdowns and confusion.  We loose our way and our business and/or life opportunity suffers.

Here are a few suggestions to consider to help slow things down:

  1. Take the time to plan your short and long term strategies.  Do not make things up as you go.  Really think through what you’re doing and how you wish to go about the process.
  2. Create a document that sets the path forward for your opportunity.  Something about slowing down to write up your ideas help them stick.
  3. Take your plan and share it.  Then,  distill it down to sets of actionable items that you (and your team) can follow.
  4. Communicate, communicate, communicate.  Take the time.
  5. Check in frequently with yourself and others.  Assign tasks based on your plan and ask that you get feedback in return.
  6. Set milestones to check your progress.  You’ll need to have some way to make sure your on track and in the positive.
  7. Lastly – breath – take the time to take in a deep breath or two.  Encourage your team to do the same.

Slowing down in life will actually bring about greater clarity for those willing to take the plunge.  In business, it could mean having a sustainable practice or making better decisions that benefit the many.  In life, well, so many great things happen when we slow down.  Just ask the one’s you love what it’s like for them when you slow down.

It makes a difference.



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