Life is like a big picnic.  We are all invited.  You can show up with something or nothing at all.

What makes the picnic enjoyable and connective is when we show up with something…anything that brings value to the gathering.  We can bring something tangible – like a skill, an offering or a place.  Or we can bring our ideas, our dreams, or simply our presence.  The important part is that we show up.

We contribute.

When we don’t show up or show up with nothing, we place the burden on the shoulders of others.  Eventually this causes difficulty.  The gathering fractures. We disconnect, we disassociate, and in extremes, we even go to war.  Everyone loses.

Think about what you can share with others; how you can contribute.  Remember we are all in this together.

Then go do it.


Published by Guillermo

I started this blog to sharing my experiences of the life. I invite you to join me.

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