Building Walls

When we feel like something is out of our control we experiences fear and anxiety.  Often this perception leads us to action. We immediately shut down – our feelings, our ability to communicate, our connection to another – all diminished as we seal ourselves behind a wall.  For many, this seems like a good strategy.

The problem is that walls are just that, a barrier .  If we want to have – healthy relationships, mature exchanges of ideas or deeper understandings –  walls are not the way to go.

Walls isolate.  Walls shut things down.  Walls keep ignorance alive. Walls cut us off from ourselves.

Building walls has a negative long-term affect on our ability to function in community (and like it or not, we all live on this planet, communally). Our social fabric becomes torn.

So if you build walls between yourself and another, or between countries, you better understand there is a price.   That price is isolation; from you, me and everyone else.

Say “NO” to walls.  Say “NO” to isolation.


Published by Guillermo

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