Other refers to everyone else.  This includes  – family, friends, neighbors, business colleagues and clients – anyone outside of you and your

Connecting with other takes work, will and intention. In business, its paramount for sustainability. In life, critical to our base need for interaction and connection.

When we think of other we open.  We approach other with curiosity and wonder. We wish to stay mutually engaged and interested in other. We see our relationship grow and change as we grow and change.   Nothing is forced.

Here are some tips when relating with other:

  1. Be yourself – no hiding, just be your authentic self.
  2. Listen – really listen to what other has to say.
  3. Be present for other – put your device and any other distractions away.
  4. Inquire – ask questions and then listen.
  5. Reflect back to other when seeking clarity.

Don’t back away from other.  We soon realize how other really is a reflection of who we are in the world.  So be gentle, both with yourself and other.

You’ll be the richer for this.






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I started this blog to sharing my experiences of the life. I invite you to join me.

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