The stories of my life

It’s fathers day and we are all wounded…Leonard Cohen

What are the stories you believe to be the narrative of your life?  Was have these stories done for you?

I have worked on this theme for some time now.  I have come to learn that often, what we think, directs our life outcomes in ways that are actually counter-productive to our betterment.  Our lives are never as full or as satisfying as we think they should be.  Our gifts, for the most part, are under utilized or simply ignored.

Knowing this, I began to give my life a thorough clutter clearing.  The quest being – how do I re-write the narrative of my life?  What old skin do I shed, in order to reveal a life richer in meaning and more congruent in action?

So what are my stories?  I’ll just start with one story that has stayed with me all my life.  Ready…here it is:

I will never have enough money (aka. I will always struggle with money)

Since my earliest memory, money has been a struggle.  Whether representing the dysfunctional relationship of my parents (their constant struggle over money) to my early relationship with debt which would eventually lead to bankruptcy.  So much of my energy and time has been consumed by my old belief system on money.

Well it’s time time to re-write the story of my life.  Its time to change my beliefs.


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