The Story of My Life : The Observer

An opportunity has come my way in the form of a new business venture.  I’ve been hired to deconstruct a long time concept and build it into something new and dynamic.  But being a start-up, we lack cash flow.  My current pay barely covers my monthly expenses.  Not an ideal situation for someone with money issues.

In the past, living this vicariously close to the edge would have driven me nuts.  My old belief, that I’m not capable with money, would be activated and directing me in my decisions-making patterns – e.g. no money, when do I cut bait?

But I want to deconstruct my beliefs, so in this instance, this means being more of an observer (vs. a reactionary).  Instead of me running my system on stress and anxiety, I’m actively stopping to question where I’m at.  I observe my reactions from a different place.  For example:

Old: I’m  frustrated       New: What are my alternatives?

Old: Money is tight       New: what comes alive in me?

Old: The glass is half empty        New: what if the glass is half full?

I observe how I experience me.  I listen to my instincts (which engages my will), then I take action – my actions.  No more doubting, reacting or being a victim of circumstance.  The deconstruction has begun.

How much this new venture will grow (financially) still remains to be seen.  It takes time to rebuild a business.  But if my ability to stop and re-write my inner narrative (about me and my process) is any indication of things to come.  Then my future definitely looks bright.


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