Finding Inner Peace in the Digital Age

We are the most connected society ever. We can communicate across the globe in seconds. We have more money, possessions, and options than ever before. Yet, we are a society in distress. For all of our advancements, we fail to bring balance, ease, and most importantly, inner peace into our existence. 

So how do we find inner peace? What are the reasons we so quickly lose our balance? What are the changes we must create to find more ease and less stress? Is it possible to have inner peace in the age of digital?

I have been there and occasionally still find myself tumbling out of control in my daily (although less and less) pursuit of personal equilibrium. What has changed most for me is how I handle these upside-down episodes.

Here are a few quick tips that will help you move toward more inner peace in your life.


Are you in the past or future? It was Seneca who said True happiness is to enjoy the present, without anxious dependence upon the future.  From a place of being present, we are at the fulcrum point of life’s teeter-tooter. The mind is projecting into the future (fantasy) or caught up in thinking about the past (memories). Peace is only possible in the moments when consciousness is unified. Leave the present moment; you lose your peace of mind.


Life is overwhelming. Stress or depression are symptoms of our fast-paced world. We require a time out to reflect on what is going on inside of us. Is working 50 plus hours per week necessary?  Can we let go of responsibilities that do not feed your well being?   How present are you in your life? The key is to learn to observe yourself. Not react when confronted by your emotions. Self-observation takes practice. It is a conscious act of catching oneself in the moment. You stop before the reaction takes you over. Great spaces to practice the art of observation are practices like yoga or meditation.

Feel into your situation

There is a great deal to be learned when we take the time to feel what is present for us at the moment. If overwhelm is your space, what feelings come up? Feel into them. These emotions are expressions of the mind that tells us that things are not going well. The more you can feel and name (own), the more you will open to emotion there. Talk to a professional, a friend, or a partner. Share your feelings and thoughts with them. Do not isolate. Isolation only compounds the situation.


As we move into this new age of digital transformation, our ability to check-in with ourselves is more important than ever. Avoiding the spiral of future and past thinking, being an observer of your own inner space, and feeling into what is going on inside are different ways to bring yourself to the present. I make these suggestions to you as tools to cope with the pace of modern life. Three different ways to peer through the veil of confusion and mental clutter to slow down and find inner peace.


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