Massive: Things that go “bump” in the night.

I awoke with my heartbeat in my throat.  I wasn’t sure, but my instincts told me something was alive, in me and outside.  From my blurry sleep I caught the dark, massive shadow arch across the bedroom wall opposite to the window. I didn’t move.  I lay motionless as if frozen to the bed.  OnlyContinue reading “Massive: Things that go “bump” in the night.”

The story of sugar: there’s nothing sweet about it.

I highly recommend reading this article by Karen Kingston – Why sugar in our diet is like clutter in our home. I am an advocate of a sugar-free diet. I believe we are all addicted sucrose and fructose because it’s hidden in virtually everything we eat; even the reportedly healthy stuff. Give this a readContinue reading “The story of sugar: there’s nothing sweet about it.”

What does the “quality of character” mean to you?

We turn our heads when we see things that are uncomfortable to us – someone berating a child, someone committing a violent act against another person or property – we simply look the other way. On a national level, we seem to unflinchingly ignore the serious characters flaws in our political candidates…whom we elect anyways.Continue reading “What does the “quality of character” mean to you?”

Taking Action – in love and relating

I would like to share my relationship story. My partner (we’ll call her M) and I met at a retreat and quickly became attached at the hip.  We dated for three months, then I moved in.   A therapist once commented that we got our relationship equation backwards – ” you two had started relating beforeContinue reading “Taking Action – in love and relating”