The Wisdom Path: the Search for the Storyteller.

(This is the first of a series of blogs related to a projected called the Wisdom Path Podcast. ) Storytellers are the individual responsible for keeping oral tradition and story alive.  Through their words and wisdom, they carry the water of life forward.  Giving us insights into the great mystery and ourselves. But where areContinue reading “The Wisdom Path: the Search for the Storyteller.”

Spirits in the Material World

Recently, a man quietly left this world while meditating.  This man – who shall remain anonymous – left behind a body of work and a school, as a legacy to his time here on this planet. To create such a gift for the world is precious. His corpus of spiritual content, I believe to beContinue reading “Spirits in the Material World”

The Importance of Telling a Story

Remember the story of the boy who cried wolf? One of Aesop”s Fables that dates back to classical times telling the story of a shepherd boy who repeatedly plays tricks on his village. Do you remember this fable? What was the theme or lesson imparted in this tale? Stories carry forward traditions, themes, ceremonies, andContinue reading “The Importance of Telling a Story”

What I Learned from My Little Bookstore

“A place isn’t a place till it has a bookstore”.…Gabrielle Zevin Managing a small campus bookstore has been one of the most rewarding endeavors I’ve experienced in my life.  Small, full of exquisite little items, this bookstore became the community hub for the students of a small indigenous college. There is something visceral about workingContinue reading “What I Learned from My Little Bookstore”

The Grasp Behind the Want

Woke up this morning, grasping for a way to be grounded.  I wanted to feel different or feel something “better than” yesterday.  Feeling like crap and wondering if anything would ever change.  Questioning everything. Have you ever woken up, wondering how is today different than yesterday, than last year, than five years ago?  Yesterday wasContinue reading “The Grasp Behind the Want”