Life’s a Party! Be-careful Who Shows Up

I’m still reeling from the party from last night.  An emotional gathering that left me with a hangover. I have to be careful who I invite to my parties.  Sometimes all characters get along and it’s a lovely night of fun and humor.  Last night was a party crashed by a giant and a witchContinue reading “Life’s a Party! Be-careful Who Shows Up”

The Journey: Work – What does Worthwhile Mean?

I am working on one of my new life principle regarding work.  The principle being – worthwhile work.  This is my process that I wanted to share with you; the reader. I have worked all of my adult life. I’ve worked in many different industries and worn many different hats. There were times that IContinue reading “The Journey: Work – What does Worthwhile Mean?”


They cuts across lands that once were united This invisible, man-made boundary fuels the dreams of some Keeps economies growing for others No soft edges Lines that sink in water Nationalism Separatism Rich Poor Only when we sleep Can we move across them.