Do we miss opportunities and openings because we are moving too fast?

Have you ever seen a hummingbird fly by?  It reminds me of how I move through the world at times. In other words, moving too fast to be able to enjoy the finite moments in life. For example, my son recently came to visit me for 30 days. He arrived July 31st. We had aContinue reading “Do we miss opportunities and openings because we are moving too fast?”

The Wisdom Path Podcast – Launching soon!

    With much anticipation, we have begun recording creatives and storytellers for the Wisdom Path Podcast. With a heavy duty schedule of recording happening now, soon we will be releasing inspired stories of creativity from people in the world of literature, fine arts and life. Please look for updates at or on InstagramContinue reading “The Wisdom Path Podcast – Launching soon!”

When to relate and when to walk away.

Sometimes, we find ourselves involved with someone or something that seemed workable at first, but now has gone south…fast. So what do you do?   Do you hang on and try to make it workable? Or, do you let go of the effort and let the cards fall where they land? To relate or toContinue reading “When to relate and when to walk away.”

To accept or to push – what is the limit?

“If I return to Europe I’ll be bored sick straight away,” she said. “Here I am fighting for a revolution, for freedom, equality. I can die and know that I’ve lived.” Kimberley Taylor, foot soldier for YPJ, Northern Syria I am, a big believer of using challenges to engage my will power.  But as IContinue reading “To accept or to push – what is the limit?”