What’s the frequency?

They say “there is always someone better than you at a given task or skill”.   I like to counter it with a different viewpoint – that we all have a radio frequency that is unique to you and me and no one else. Like a radio dial, each of us can tune into a stationContinue reading “What’s the frequency?”


What can you hold?  Not physically, but emotionally and from a place of the higher self. Can you keep your life processes moving forward (i.e. work, relationships, exercise, etc.)?  Or do you find that things always seem to fall apart after awhile? In the book A Language for Mapping Consciousness, the term structure refers to Continue reading “Structure”

Taking Action – advocacy and the will to help others

The young man needed work and was willing to go door to door to ask.  He said “I need the money so I won’t have to sleep on the streets.  It’s really hard to find a place to stay when you’re on your own”.  I could feel my throat tighten.  Such a simple request, yetContinue reading “Taking Action – advocacy and the will to help others”

Taking Action – planning and coaching

What stop’s you from moving forward? This was the question posed to me by life coach Angela Watson Robertson recently in a phone call. A great question for me to ponder as I ponder my directions for the new year. Getting stuck or experiencing inertia, happens to all of us from time to time. HereContinue reading “Taking Action – planning and coaching”

The cat who taught me about giving

He was the center of our home in Santa Fe, NM for just over five years.  “Little Mr. Personality”, I used to call him.  His real name was Beethoven Von Mars.  He was petite, vivacious, and lion hearted. If you have a pet or pet’s, you know how much they become a part of yourContinue reading “The cat who taught me about giving”